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My name is Chuck Thompson, I am the Founder and President of MMC®, and I have focused all of my resources in the sales and marketing industry since 1982. I began my professional career in a sales position with a local health club and through the years transitioned through membership sales, membership marketing, management, mid-management, upper level management and ownership. Since 1991, I, along with my team at MMC® have concentrated our unwavering efforts on developing strategic methods that would allow us to tap into the UN-COMMITTED consumer marketplace for the health club industry. In 2005/2006 we launched our GOLF division.

These efforts have produced an unparalleled formula for success and a variety of promotions raising more than (60,000,000) sixty million dollars in immediate cash and millions more in monthly receivables, residual income and renewal fees for our clients. Our target market is casual and core golfers while our focus is on locking-up long term relationships between the golfer and the golf course.

Throughout the years you and I have always heard “there are those who do, and those who teach”. I have never thought of myself as a teacher until the past couple of years but looking back I have been teaching since my first job as an assistant manager. I am definitely a doer and became a teacher as a byproduct of my success.

On our site, ( you will hear and read about the six human needs (a concept I learned from Tony Robbins ( Through this concept, I learned we all have these six human needs and one or two are always our driving force. For example, in my younger years all I cared about was being “successful” and that need of significance always drove my decisions in life. Whereas today, I want to know when I leave this world, I will have contributed to other people’s lives valuable information that will empower them to eliminate worry and frustration while achieving their dreams.

This is why I am starting this Blog. I am going to share with you my weekly (I say weekly because you must plant seeds daily if you want uninterrupted success) thoughts, inspiration and education in an attempt to enlighten you to become the golf marketer you have always wanted to be. There is an old Chinese proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago”; but I only look at the past for the good it can bring to my future and from that I take “the best time to start is now”.

I will do my very best to provide you with valuable information to help you grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

For more free tips on growing the game, increasing rounds through golf course marketing, golf marketing, golf course campaigns, golf campaigns, professional golf membership sales and advancing your golf career visit us today @ or call 904-217-3762.

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